Mel Gibson’s Hangover Is Over, But It’s Just Beginning


Beleaguered douche Mel Gibson was going to get a career break via a cameo role in The Hangover II, which certainly made sense because that particular franchise is about emotionally stunted men misbehaving in horrendous ways.

But as you may have heard, the cast and crew revolted (or were revolted) and decided they couldn’t possibly work with such a creepazoid.

I guess they thought the first movie’s Mike Tyson was OK, despite his rape conviction, fender bender, tax debt, furniture-throwing, drug charges, disorderly conduct, kicking and punching incident, and various other frenzied fracases.

Meanwhile, they draw the line at poor, little everybody-hating, mealy-mouthed Mel Gibson.

Or maybe they just have more power now.

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