Morning Links: White House Christmas Ornaments in Peril; Time Warner Visitors Getting Handsy With Nude Statue


Wyoming is having trouble finishing their ornaments for the White House Christmas tree this year. They have only 1,600 of the 5,000 they’re responsible for. Apparently these ornaments have to be handmade, weatherproof, a foot tall, and in a Western theme. And, ideally, made of recycled materials. No wonder no one wants to make them. (Interestingly, the state that provides the tree is responsible for the ornaments.) [WSJ]

As the policy continues through the courts, the Pentagon has put forth new guidelines in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: The secretaries of the Navy, Army, and Air Force have to consult with the Pentagon’s top lawyer and the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel in order to expel someone from the armed forces for being gay. [NPR]

135 people have died in a cholera outbreak in Haiti. [NYT]

Typhoon Megi has triggered rock slides in Taiwan, trapping more than 400 people in their cars. The typhoon is expected to reach southern China by Saturday. [CNN]

Credit cards are about to get way fancier, with new ones from Citibank that have actual buttons and lights that allow you to choose at register if you want to use reward points or credit to pay…as well as some with fraud protection “baked in.” [NYT]

People visiting the Time Warner Center can’t seem to keep their hands off of the penis on the Botero statue. Which just seems kind of sad. [NYP]

The Whole Foods on the Bowery may be having a bit of a theft problem. [Bowery Boogie]

• Have you seen the girl with the trihawk in the East Village? [EV Grieve]


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