Posts of the Week – 10/22/2010


Friday afternoon is here, and so is our look back on the week that was.

We ranked Our 10 Best 100 Dishes to Eat Now.

Jin Fong and Very Tong vie for dim sum supremacy.

Pumpkin ale taste-off!

If you’re at the Hurricane Club, drink the No. 55.

A Colorado company is now selling marijuana-laced soda.

The Kimchi Taco Truck is coming, with Youngsun Lee as its chef.

The early results of the DOH’s restaurant grading system are in, and here are photos.

In a two-part interview, Harold Dieterle talks Kin Shop, Top Chef, tiresome restaurant trends, and Yelp.

Spuyten Duyvil’s Octoberfest and International Pickle Day: two fun, low-key weekend food events.

Make Spina’s A ‘Mpepata e Cozze.

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