Press Clips: Joe Pompeo Leaves Business Insider for Yahoo


The second part of the change-up at Business Insider comes down the transom! A leaked memo about protest at Fox News, and, hey, activists! Here’s how to get around those pesky security arrangements. This American Life host Ira Glass is…singing Elliott Smith. Rupert Murdoch has surrendered to Google, like we all eventually will. Press Clips, Day 14, Juan-Williams-Free Lunch Edition, right now:

Pompeo Gets Mawhooed: Yesterday, we broke news that Mediaite footsoldier general Glynnis MacNicol would be leading up media coverage at Business Insider above Joe Pompeo at B.I.’s media vertical, The Wire. So much for that whole “above” part: the formidable Pompeo is leaving Business Insider to go to Yahoo’s The Upshot with another New York Observer media reporting alum, Michael Calderone (who left his spot at Politico for the gig earlier this year).

For the record, Gillian Reagan (anotherObserver alum who ran The Wire with Pompeo) started in January 2010, and left to go work at Capital New York in late April, lasting around five months. Pompeo arrived at Business Insider at the beginning of April, and lasted a little over six months. Maybe Glynnis can make it to seven, or rather, maybe Henry Blodget can keep her around that long! It’s like Business Insider’s “Defense Against the Dark Arts” post. Yahoo’s most recent departure was John Cook, who left to go back to Gawker after what sounds like a not-entirely-pleasant experience at Yahoo. Say what you will about Henry Blodget, but the guy will censor nobody, for better or otherwise. That said, Pompeo’s worked hard to build up The Wire and rightly deserves recognition as an A-Game reporter with the kind of money Yahoo’s currently lining young talents’ pockets with.

Leaked Memo: Fox News Protest Edition!

From inside SkyNet comes this:

Please be advised that a demonstration has been scheduled in front of 1211 Avenue of the Americas on Saturday, October 23, 2010 between the hours of 1pm – 3:30pm. The stated purpose of the demonstration is to protest comments made by FOX News talent, Bill O’Reilly, during an interview on ABC’s “The View” last Thursday. Current NYPD estimates stand at 300 – 500 participants. It should be noted that a similar demonstration was held without incident at 1211 on Sunday, October 17, 2010 attracting approximately 30 participants.

Although no disruptions are expected, NYPD will be present to monitor the demonstration, along with building and News Corporation security. Employees may wish to contact any visitors you are expecting during this time frame and suggest they allow additional time for processing.

Please note that special arrangements have been made to provide alternate access (employees only) to the building via the breezeway entrance turnstiles which are normally closed on weekends. As a reminder, it is always recommended that you do NOT display your building ID card once outside of 1211. This is particularly important when arriving and departing the building during the demonstration.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Corporate Security Manager Tom O’Shea through the Security Operations Center at (212) 301-xxxx.

Ira Glass, Droppin’ Beats: Imagine if you will, for a moment, This American’s Life famously and comfortingly nasally Ira Glass singing. Well, via Vulture, imagine no more:

Rupert Raises White Flag to Google: We don’t normally put the broad-stroke news here — yes, this is a shitty media gossip column, and not much more — but you can’t do anything but laugh at the fact that Rupert Murdoch has finally admitted that he can’t compete with Google now. So much for Present #78. Say what you will about the trouble the New York Times is in, but at least they don’t have a decaying leader kept alive by a weekly transfusion of Na’vi Blood who refuses to die until he kills the New York Times and who just figured out that Google isn’t something to fight and whose ecosystem manages to keep both Col Allan employed and Michael Woolf’s entire shtick viable and who is trying to master the iPad and is the only one who is finding some degree of failure with it because the economics aren’t quite worked out because failing at doing so costs chump change to him, is why. New Yorkers should just embrace Murdoch as a Mr. Magoo-esque figure with a lot of money to spend on employing New Yorkers, and enjoy the ride. It strangely became more difficult to dislike Murdoch this week. That says something.

That’s it. More later today, when I may or may not explain what Press Clips was doing on the BBC last night, taking over their airwaves for seven minutes. Or maybe we’ll just tease and it and ensure it never materializes. Or maybe nobody even got this far and none of it matters. Or maybe people did get this far and it still doesn’t matter. Or maybe we’re all cats in a big cat video made by the universe, man.

Anyway, in honor of Joe Pompeo disappearing into the Infamous and Velvety Maw of Yahoo, here’s this: