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Ray Kelly Taps Deputy Inspector To “Reinvestigate” NYPD Tapes allegations


In yet another step in the ongoing fallout from the Voice’s “NYPD Tapes” series, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has tapped a deputy inspector to reinvestigate allegations by Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft about misconduct in Brooklyn’s 81st Precinct.

The appointment of Deputy Inspector Daniel Carione to review the Schoolcraft allegations, first reported by the New York Times this morning, comes on top of two other internal investigations into Schoolcraft’s claims.

The move could be read as an effort by Kelly to head off any outside scrutiny of the NYPD, especially by the Justice Department.

The Village Voice’s five part series, The NYPD Tapes, published between May and October, detailed Schoolcraft’s claims and his extensive set of audio recordings of precinct roll calls which revealed the use of ticket quotas, refusal to take crime reports, downgrading of crimes, orders which may have led to civil rights abuses, and a severe staffing shortage.

So far, the investigations have led to charges against the former 81st Precinct commander, Steven Mauriello, two sergeants and two police officers for failing to take an auto theft report, impeding an internal investigation, and failing to take a robbery complaint.

The Times reports that more than 24 officers assigned to the 81st Precinct have been questioned under oath at the office of the chief of internal affairs, Charles Campisi, at police headquarters.

Schoolcraft began reporting trying to report misconduct in early 2009 within the precinct, and wound up going to internal affairs that August. In early October, he was interviewed by the NYPD unit which audits crime statistics.

Three weeks later, he went home an hour early. That evening, Halloween, police came to his home. Deputy Chief Michael Marino labeled him a psychiatric case, and ordered him dragged to Jamaica Hospital where he was held in the psychiatric ward for six days. Marino is also being investigated for his actions that night.


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