Vegas’s Lotus of Siam Coming Soon to NYC


Like Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Las Vegas’s Lotus of Siam has attained an almost mythic status, often called the best Thai restaurant in the country. When you’ve never been to a restaurant, the food can soar in your imagination and never come bumping down to earth the way a real meal (no matter how good) does. Well, it turns out that New Yorkers will get to check out Lotus of Siam very soon — in two weeks, to be exact.

Both Feast and Eater are reporting official confirmation that Lotus of Siam will open a New York branch in the old Cru space.

Prices will be higher than at the one in Vegas — reportedly about $20 a plate — and the menu will be smaller, offering about 50 dishes. Is it really good enough to pull that off? Here’s hoping …


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