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WTF? Best of NYC…with Los Angeles Backdrop??


Hey, New Yorkers, we just discovered another reason you should pick up a copy of this week’s super-special “Best of NYC” issue of the Village Voice. We have no doubt it’s going to be a collector’s item.

It turns out that our art department, for whatever reason, thought it would make sense to illustrate our annual love letter to the city of New York by featuring a street scene from … Los Angeles!

The focus of the cover was the monster-truck yellow cab that evoked our theme of “America’s Back,” but the pizza joint and other shops in the background come not from Gotham but from a block in LA-LA-land.

We are pretty sure that the lush images inside the issue of Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and the Stock Exchange are, indeed, the real things. But rush out to get your copy before the last of the misprinted monsters disappears from those red boxes!


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