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Your CMJ 2010 Panels, Cynically Summarized: Day 4 (Friday) | Village Voice


Your CMJ 2010 Panels, Cynically Summarized: Day 4 (Friday)


We hope you learned something: Today is your last chance to absorb invaluable industry wisdom at one of CMJ’s afternoon panels. Next year we’re actually getting the Why Does CMJ Still Exist? panel off the ground, I swear to god. Until then, here’s your final slate, listed below with unhelpful editorial comment.

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew 40th Anniversary Tribute. NO WHITE PEOPLE ALLOWED.

Take a Left at the Label: D.T.F. Whatever you think that acronym means is not what the vast majority of the rest of the world thinks it means.

There’s More Than Radio; Build Your Audience Online. Yes, go online, where pretty much everyone is D.T.F.

Making Money In A Singles Market. The chillwave-driven Cassingle revival’s time is now.

Mentor Session: College Radio. Jane’s Addiction, “Three Days”: soundtracking DJ bathroom breaks since 1990.

Mix Reconstruction. An industry pro critiques your lovelorn mixtapes to ex-girlfriends. “Goo Goo Dolls’ ‘Iris’? Seriously?”

So You Want To Be A Music Blogger; Who Cares? Tonight on NBC, right after Outsourced.

The Mindset of the Venue Booker. “I need to find a nice, quiet place to snort this cocaine.”

Follow The Spot; The Music Industry’s Madmen. Oh shit, Diplo is marrying his secretary!

Getting Paid From the Song Stone-faced industry wonks sitting around listening to Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” on a loop for an hour and a half.

Hitting Your Target: Using Adwords, Facebook Ads & Blog Networks To Reach Your Fans “Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. would like to stay in touch on LinkedIn.”

Today’s Featured Download. Whatever you do, don’t make it that new Black Eyed Peas song.

Rough to Refined: Exploring Recording from Demo to the Finished Product. Tough to make out what anyone’s saying here through all the reverb.

How To Sell 500 Tickets In 5 Markets. Prevail upon your 500 cousins.

Mentor Session: Early Career Counseling and Info. “If you’re going to channel Sublime convincingly, you need to gain 100 pounds and develop a heroin habit.”

The Lean And Mean Label Machine. “Emaciated” didn’t rhyme with anything.

Who Brought The P.A.? Hopefully no one.

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