Brett Favre’s Penis Was Persistent, At Least


A year after Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (then a New York Jet) sent sideline reporter Jenn Sterger pictures of his penis, allegedly to no avail, he gave her another call the next time she was in New York. The man was really into this woman. Or at least really into himself, to the point where rejection was not an option. The New York Post, meanwhile, is really, really into Brett Favre.

The Post reports, under the stellar (and somewhat subtle!) headline “Another Bad Pass”:

The superstar quarterback’s alleged phone calls and texts to Sterger in August 2008 is already being probed by the NFL.

But a source yesterday said that 10 months later — in June 2009 — Favre again called Sterger, after both left the team.

“The same number that was used to send the messages in 2008 is the same one used to call Jenn in 2009, when Favre was in New York to film [the HBO show] ‘Joe Buck Live,’ ” said the source.

Sterger is reportedly in talks to meet with the NFL about the allegations, but also buried in the Post‘s report is information about Gawker Media sports blog Deadspin, who originally published the story and the scandalous photos, and the site’s role in the scandal:

Favre met Tuesday with NFL security chief Milt Ahlerich. On Wednesday, Ahlerich spoke with the editor of, the sports-gossip Web site that originally published the story.

And thus, the punks meet The Man and speak of penis pictures on the path to legitimacy. What a world!

Favre called Jets reporter for ‘sex’ in June 2009 [NYP]

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