Amilcar Carpet Cleaners Will Clean Your Rugs and Sell You Wine


Amilcar Carpet Cleaners is, according to its website, “one of the most widely respected and well known leaders in the steam cleaning industry.” A Queens institution for more than 25 years, it offers a “full menu of services to help you with your home or office.” Amilcar will steam-clean your carpets (commercial and residential), area rugs, upholstery, and floors. It will also sell you wine.

The storefront’s window, which looks out at the corner of 37th Avenue and 91st Street in Flushing, is crowded with large white plastic jugs of cleaning products with names like Trigger and Gum Off. Pushed off to the side, like a wallflower at a school dance, is a narrow wooden display stand crowded with bottles of wine and La Barra aromatic bitters.

The bottles of moscatel and Burgundy all come from the San Lorenzo Vineyard and are bottled by J. Ugarelli. A small card in the window advertises the Burgundy as a “semi-sweet fine wine” and describes its tasting notes as follows: “In the mouth, powerful explosions of rip and vivacious fruit, to enjoy it sip by sip.”

Amilcar acts as an importer and distributor of the wine, which would seem to be a natural complement to the numerous Peruvian restaurants that populate this particular stretch of 37th Avenue. While we can’t tell you how the wine tastes, we can tell you that Amilcar will not give you a discount on it if you buy a bottle of carpet cleaner.

Amilcar Carpet Cleaners
9028 37th Avenue #1
Flushing, Queens

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