Best Assignment Ever? Journalists Smoke Weed, Make Video of Themselves Driving, Blazed Out of Their Heads (Video)


Being in this news business, it’s not for the weak-hearted. Or weak-lunged, apparently.

Two “journalists” — one, a radio talk show host, and the other, who went incidentally unnamed via Deadspin is the LA Times‘ Steve Lopez — smoked weed (in honor of California’s upcoming Proposition 19 vote to legalize marijuana), and then took a driving test. This all comes, of course, via the Fresno, California ABC affiliate. The shocking result?

Both noticed their speed slowed significantly. Radio Talk Show Host Peter Tilden didn’t realize the impact on his driving until after seeing his results. “It was shocking to me, my son got a big lesson that night about do not get in the car with somebody who says they’re high.”

Yes, because being a slower driver is so much more dangerous than being, you know, a typical California driver. Or is more dangerous than someone who’s drunk, and relates a numbed 60 MPH to a leisurely roll through the neighborhood. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Tilden is speaking in code? For example, anybody who is stupid enough to announce how high they are before they start driving, yes, is probably past the threshold of where one should drive, because if they get pulled over and say some dumb shit like that, they’re likely to get collared. But if weed is proven to make drivers more paranoid — defensive driving, anyone? — is that really such a terrible thing? Move it and pass traffic to the left, please.

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