Cause for Celebration: MTV’s The City Has Been Canceled


Dear Universe,

Thank you for the kind news that Racked reported just now: that this morning on American Idol spokescreature Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Whitney Port of The City confirmed that the show is basically over. In case you didn’t know it, The City was a bad fake reality show about New York City that encourages people who will only lower the lowest common denominator of New Yorkers to move here. Now if you could please end:

  • Sex and the City repeats.
  • That High Society mess.
  • The Real Housewives of any Tri-State Locale.

And any other show that encourages young people to move to New York City/Murray Hill and become bloodthirsty publicists who feast on the souls of anybody willing to be swept away by the faintest modicum of celebrity (or idea of celebrity), that would be great. Jersey Shore can stay because it keeps B & T outside of Manhattan and is an Important Sociological Experiment. Not that we’re not grateful for this, or anything.



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