Dino’s Orecchiette With Arugula-Pistachio Pesto


Dino, which opened this summer in Fort Greene, is a pleasant neighborhood restaurant that serves Italian-ish food. There’s a selection of pastas, mains like roast chicken and grilled pork chops, and crostini, most of which are tasty, save the “wild” mushroom version, which is topped with regular old button mushrooms. It’s certainly not a restaurant to travel to, but it’s a solid place for a plate of pasta and a glass of wine if you’re in the area.

Vegetarians — or those craving something meatless — might be drawn to the orecchiette with arugula-pistachio pesto ($12).

The menu description leads you to expect a relatively simple dish, but it turns out that this orecchiette is like something you would make when you’re trying to use up odds and ends from a CSA.

The pasta is coated with a peppery-rich sauce, which tastes of both arugula and pistachios. Mixed in, you’ll find red-skinned potatoes, heaps of bitter broccoli rabe, and a crown of roasted red peppers. It might be a little discordant, but it’s also a pleasant vegetable feast, with the broccoli rabe echoing the edge of the arugula, and everything slicked with that delicious pesto. It probably contains your daily serving of vegetables, and garlic bread besides.

222 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn

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