Donate To globalFEST 2011’s Kickstarter Fund


The one-night, three-stage, internationally ambitious blowout known as globalFEST has been immeasurably brightening music lovers’ Januaries for seven years now, an omnivorous annual fete pulling in everyone from Bollyrock stars to experimental Candian Inuit singers, everything from French electronica to Peruvian surf-pop — and that was all just 2009. Held mostly at Webster Hall, it reliably throws a ton of wild, unfamiliar shit at you, most of which is fantastic. The organizers need money to keep it going into 2011. Give them some.

Yes, it’s a Kickstarter deal, per below, with an ambitious $10,000 goal they’re actually remarkably close to reaching. No super-wacky rewards for donating, particularly, though for $2,500 you do get to announce one group from the stage, which is notable in that you probably won’t have heard of them, almost definitely won’t speak their language, and are absolutely guaranteed to love them anyway. See you there in January ’11.

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