Future of Greenpoint Venue Coco66 Uncertain After Friday Night NYPD Raid [Updated]


Update: Says the club’s manager: “We’re reopening at 4 p.m. today.” See more below.

Lost in a weekend’s worth of CMJ-related chaos was the fact that on Friday night, the NYPD raided the Greenpoint venue Coco66, halting the Tamaryn/Frankie Rose & the Outs show that was underway and reportedly shutting down the venue indefinitely. The above photo, just posted to Tamaryn’s Facebook page — the show was ended during her set, after she’d only played three songs — would seem to bear that theory out. (The venue’s address is indeed 66 Greenpoint Avenue.) We’ve reached out to both the venue and its manager, but have yet to hear back. In the meantime, the man who put on the show, promoter Seva Granik, says Coco66 is in dire trouble. According to him, the “NYPD apparently has been showing up for weeks, warning the venue about various things that the owner was supposed to go take care of.” We asked what went down on Friday, specifically:

They [the NYPD] showed up on Friday with the Fire Dept and the Heath Dept in tow, shut the show down around 1:20am, in the middle of Tamaryn’s set (unnecessary) and proceeded to issue them every citation imaginable.

The venue remains shut down, indefinitely.

Which is too bad. It has some of the best sound, lights, fog machines and projection in North Brooklyn. We’ve done some fantastic shows there.

It’s hard to say whether the city was out after Coco specifically because cops were raiding other venues that I went to after as well, probably with the purpose of collecting citation revenue for the city at the end of the month. But one thing is for sure: that was a clear sign to move on.

Update #1 A commenter posts a link to the NYC Department of Buildings complaint, which seems to indicate that the problem was that the venue has a stated capacity of 74 people and was holding 350 on Friday night. With “1 EGRESS AND NO SPRINKLERS,” no less. The full complaint:

If true, this is too bad — Coco66 was one of the better show spaces in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area, and a consistent generator of surprising shows, whether M.I.A. guesting with Sleigh Bells or MNDR playing there before anyone really knew who she was. We’ll update, should we hear from the venue. In the meantime, we wouldn’t recommend showing up for tonight’s Fela –– featuring installment of the venue’s Superhuman Happiness residency. Come on Brooklyn, let’s get it together!

Update #2: Says the venue: “We’ve already met with the Buildings Commission and everything, and they couldn’t legally tell us we should be shutdown — we didn’t have to close at all. We were misinformed by the NYPD. They had no right to say that at all.” What was the issue? “Just occupancy. They were doing taskforce everywhere, and they drove by, and there were 100 people outside, and another 400 inside. We just should have cut it off earlier. They oversold the tickets — the promoters way oversold it. But it’s all taken care of now.” They’ll be open at 4 p.m. today.