Geraldine Page: The Female Brando (Almost)


“If Geraldine Page‘s talent, invention, and daring were of Brando’s caliber, then why is she barely remembered today?

“Why did major film roles dry up so quickly for Page, relegating her to offbeat supporting turns and only the occasional lead role?

“The answer is no great surprise. Brando’s artistic skills were magnified by his remarkable beauty and sex appeal; Page was not a beauty.

“It was (and is) exceedingly difficult for gifted actresses as ordinary-looking as Page to sustain movie stardom.

“No one can say that it was anything but sheer, undeniable talent that got Page to the top of the acting profession, and for a brief streak in the early ’60s, she was actually starring in motion pictures.

“Without those two Tennessee Williams roles, though [Summer and Smoke and Sweet Bird of Youth], her short span as a leading lady of the screen would probably never have happened.”

This is from John DiLeo‘s new book, Tennessee Williams and Company: His Essential Screen Actors.

His poignant argument makes me want to take a trip to Bounty paper towels to dry up my copious tears.

Do y’all agree with it?

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