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Half of Americans Claim They Would Live With a Ghost for Free Rent


Today in statistics that have no bearing on your actual life but that are gratuitously pegged to an upcoming holiday, USA Today reports that 51% of discriminating residents would share their home with a ghost for free rent and 49% of people would decline to do so. Only 27% of people were willing to live with ghosts for half-off their rent. As if they have a choice.

But last year, some 67% of people said they would live with a ghost for a reduced rent. Does this mean the recession is over?

Meanwhile, one in 10 New Yorkers are likely to have lived with bedbugs at some time or another for no ostensible savings in rent at all. And who hasn’t lived with a freeloading relative/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? As long as you’re not living with the freeloading ghost of a bedbug who you used to date. If there’s ever a case for free rent, it’s that.

We’re wimps, but this scared the crap out of us.


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