Kylesa Are Playing a Surprise Show at Public Assembly Tonight




We haven’t talked much about it here, but the Georgia-based, double-drumming, psych-metal wrecking crew Kylesa have made one of the better records of the year in Spirit Shadow, their improbably melodic (Built To Spillish, even!) fifth (!) album. It comes out tomorrow, after which it will surely begin what we predict will be a swift climb up various critic’s year-end best-of lists. In the meantime, you can see them tonight, in a just announced, Brooklyn Vegan-sponsored surprise show at Public Assembly. They played Webster last night with High on Fire (hence tonight’s secrecy), and it looked pretty incredible.

We can say from personal experience you should see this band at least once in your life, so…

SURPRISE SHOW! Kylesa with Hull [Public Assembly]

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