Listen: Nine Inch Nails’ Stupendous Cover Of Queen’s “Get Down, Make Love”


The news that Trent Reznor is readying a personally approved remaster of Nine Inch Nails’ 1989 debut Pretty Hate Machine (and promising “a greatly improved sonic experience”) is excellent news in the event you haven’t bought that record like five times already, particularly due to the new package’s one bonus track: an unapologetically porn-y cover of Queen’s “Get Down, Make Love” that I don’t mind telling you I thought was totally awesome when I was, y’know, 14. Let us now reindulge:

I always thought the part where he fast-forwards through “We Will Rock You” was a nice touch. The new packaging is out November 22nd; as this was NIN’s sole release on New York City’s ill-fated TVT Records, hopefully we get some crabby Trent-penned liner notes out of the deal, too.

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