Press Clips: Do Not Let Robert Thomson Behead Anyone This Week, Please


VICTORY! for a New York City newspaper, while the rest are going down, down, in an earlier round. A new, familiar byline at New York‘s Vulture, and a new, familiar byline at AgencySpy. The iPad is still just The iPad, but Twitter is definitely still Twitter. Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast is still Howard Kurtz. Let’s all hack the New Yorker! Press Clips, Day 15, Late and Mostly Scandal-Free Edition, right here.


Robert Thomson Is Drinking Out of His Pimp Goblet Today: All of the New York City daily newspapers reported drops in circulation. Except for one. Via Crain’s:

The exception to the downward trend, once again, is The Wall Street Journal, the No. 1 paper in terms of circulation, which reported a 1.8% climb in weekday sales, to 2.06 million copies. The News Corp.-owned paper edged out longtime frontrunner USA Today a year ago.

And that’s what a $60M investment of Rupert Murdoch’s Na’vi Blood Money will get you, I guess. Sources have yet to tell us that the following sounds will be coming out of WSJ executive editor Thomson’s office all week:

In the event he starts to get carried away, someone should probably let Thomson know that Sulzburger’s head on a pole will not get him past the 2% climb threshold.

Byline Vulture: This video of Kanye West playing Brooklyn Bowl is kind of wonderful. So is the byline on the post, which might ring a bell for those who remember back when Gawker Media opened up shop on the relatively-short-lived-and-now-zombified Idolator, as Brian Raftery was one of the site’s two launch editors (along with Maura Johnston, who has contributed to the Village Voice). I didn’t email, but it looks as though Raftery may be filling in the vacancy at Vulture left by Edith Zimmerman, who recently jumped ship to go launch The Awl’s new ladysite, The Hairpin.

Byline Spy: AgencySpy has classically been the most underrated and unfairly ignored of the MediaBistro blog stable, if there is such a thing. It’s never better than when they’re terrorizing the ad agency world and burning bridges to hell and back. The last guy to do that, Matt Van Hoven, sold out and went to work for an ad agency, which many are still convinced is probably just a subversive plot to murder him. For a while, Van Hoven operated under a pseudonym, a blogging tradition of yore that’s fun on two ends: (1) being endlessly more capable of acting as a destructive force than a blog with the accountability of real bylines — which is obviously inherently unethical, but whatever, it’s more fun — and (2) It gives people like me the game of figuring out who these people are! Which we will. But in the mean time, please enjoy this welcome message from the new anonymous AgencySpy blogger, who uses the words “sup,” “biz,” “shenanigans,” “let’s get this party started,” and a picture of Chuck Norris in his introductory post. I hope — for his sake — that this is all in genius humor. I don’t think it is.

This will be ugly.

Kurtz and The Beast: The honeymoon is either officially over, or will never end. The lightening-fast pace of blogging doesn’t seem to have affected the Daily Beast’s star Washington Post defector Howard Kurtz, as he’s posting thrice-paginated columns for The Beast about the White House’s press strategy when he wasn’t rubbing elbows with Frank Rich on CNN this weekend. “Old Dog/New Tricks” and “Birds of a Feather” cliches respectively applicable.

This will be ugly.

You-Could’ve-Guessed-It Media Trivia of the Day: The New York Times has more Twitter followers than print subscribers. Thanks Social Times, but, please: wake everyone up when they have more followers than @THE_REAL_SHAQ. “On my way to Barbara square it’s statue time,” indeed.

WNYC Will Help You Steal Small Dogs If You Donate To Them: No, truly. Their little videos about what you get when you give them money are wonderful.

Also, if you give them $100, Brian Lehrer will personally deliver your Juan Williams Voodoo Doll.

iPadded Numbers: Choire Sicha at The Awl wants to know what the other 149 people who do not read Wired on their iPads are doing with their iPads. The answer? Either making fake covers for the New York Post or playing Angry Birds on a large iPhone. Shit, I got my money’s worth.

Hack The New Yorker: A Contest: The New York Observer‘s Nate Freeman is not afraid to be not-servicey, as he details how others have hacked the New Yorker‘s website and yet he has not had crazy luck. If you know how to do this and want to write us a step-by-step guide, I have no money in our editorial budget for you but I’ll figure out a way to work you into a New York Post cover. Also, don’t forget, you can get your (advertorial free!) complimentary six-month subscription to the Observer right here.

It’s Awl Good: If you made it this far, then you’ve no doubt already read David Carr’s Media Equation column in the New York Times this week about The Awl. [Full Disclosure! I’ve written for those guys before.] It’s filled with very nice, well-deserved praise for the site. It is also — as some people have noticed but not really written — an article that illustrates a kind of Editorial Utopia in the third paragraph that neglects to inform anyone who wants to cop The Awl’s trajectory the fact that the site has relied very heavily on unpaid contributions, which kind of complicates said narrative! Somehow, a website called Bygone Bureau managed to get this fact in, while the New York Times did not. You know who is a really interesting — and unspoken-for — character in all of this? A young woman behind the scenes of some of The Awl’s larger ad campaigns from the advertiser’s side, Julie Fredrickson, whose love for The Awl (and other New York-based blogs) and knowledge of the people who read them has ended up securing some decent coin for them. Like the Ann Taylor ad campaign Carr attributes The Hairpin’s startup financing to. Or the Equinox ad campaign that ran last Winter — if memory serves correctly, the first sponsored posts to run on the site — before it, when Fredrickson was with the schmancy Manhattan gym running social media endeavors (among other duties). It takes a village? Or something!

That’s it! Press Clips readers, you may not be Robert Thomson, but you’re Princes of the Universe in your own right. Thank you for your continued support: