Reggae Giant Gregory Isaacs Will Be Eulogized On East Village Radio Tonight


Gregory Isaacs, the Cool Ruler, “the most exquisite voice in reggae” (per the Times), “one of the most sensual and intelligent singers from Jamaica or anywhere” (per Ann Powers), and/or “one of the three geniuses I’ve known in the reggae music business” (as one industry cohort put it), died this morning of lung cancer, in his homebase of London, at 59. Expect a flood of eulogies, written and otherwise, in the next several days, the best of which might be taking place on East Village Radio this evening, per the weekly, two-hour, vinyl-centric reggae blowout Deadly Dragon Sounds, which will pay musical tribute to Isaacs while chatting with a special guest or two, including, apparently, this guy, so. Listen here; below, a few of the Cool Ruler etc.’s biggest hits to get you in the mood:

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