Saturday Brought More Bagels to Brooklyn


This weekend was a high-gluten one for Brooklyn, thanks to the opening of bagel stores in both Park Slope and Ditmas Park. On Saturday, per Here’s Park Slope, the Bagel Market opened on Saturday on Seventh Avenue, while Catskills Bagel opened on Cortelyou Road, according to Ditmas Park Blog.

HPS describes the Bagel Market’s bagels as “of the big and fluffy variety, with a nice malty flavor and a crunch from being boiled before baking.The inside’s soft and spongy, and they toast up nicely.” No word yet, however, on how they compare to those at La Bagel Delight, which is located a mere block away.

Commenters on DPB, meanwhile, alternately describe Catskills’ bagels as “VERY GOOD,” “a little pillowy,” “not award winning, but definitely decent,” and “just basically a doughy roll.” Opinions about bagels being like rear ends — everybody has one — this is pretty much what you’d expect.

Given our own location, what we really want to know is, when will Tompkins Square Bagel open its doors to provide us with high-carbohydrate sustenance — but not, contrary to what some believe, anarchy and ruin, 24 hours a day?


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