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The MTA, Yet Again, Needs a Copy Editor


A sharp-eyed civilian has pointed out via Bowery Boogie that a sign for the MTA’s new Select Bus Service outside of Mars Bar on Second Avenue has a little typo problem. If you’re not a grammar nerd, it’s a misuse of “it’s.” Your Monday-morning English lesson: The apostrophe is only used to shorten “it is,” which obviously is not correct in this case.

If you are a grammar nerd, you may be disappointed to learn that, upon notification of this error, the MTA did not cringe or shriek in horror or rue the day they blew off Mrs. Smith’s seventh grade English class. When we called, our friendly press contact Kevin Ortiz told us he wasn’t aware of the problem but that they’d look into it. When pressed as to whether it would be corrected, he told us, “It depends on the severity.”

Update: Ortiz has informed us that they’re in the process of rectifying the sign or signs. A victory for English teachers everywhere!

In terms of amusing typos, this has nothing on South Bend, Indiana’s “pubic school” problem, or even the FML subway signs, but, you know, the week’s only just getting started.

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