The New John Dory Will Be Bigger, Shinier, and Require You to Perch


With a mere seven days to go until the John Dory’s second coming at the Ace Hotel, Diner’s Journal has a few details to share. First, it will be bigger, shinier, and covered in black tile, with two fish tanks that will segregate fish from the Pacific and the Atlantic. Customers will be required to “perch” rather than sit at narrow copper counters, where they’ll suck down sea creatures prepared by April Bloomfield and her chef de cuisine, Josh Even.

As for what those preparations will entail, Diner’s Journal has a copy of the dinner menu. It features abundant raw-bar and crudo selections, such as cold poached lobster with tamale vinaigrette ($16) and razor-clam ceviche with chive puree ($14). Bar snacks will include eel and parsley pie ($11), and pickled oysters with girolles and pancetta ($18), while cold and hot plates will include, respectively, smoked haddock terrine with horseradish ($11) and baked shellfish and onion panade ($13). Also, there will be caviar service, and, one assumes, very large crowds waiting to take advantage of it.


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