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AskMen.Com Deems Steven Slater, JetBlue Escapee, 48th Most Influential Man


All we’re saying is, Russell Brand (#49) has got to be pissed. Steven Slater of the blond aerodynamic locks (good for emergency evacuations down airplane slides) and infamous on-board freak-out has been declared 48th of the 49 most influential men from How is Slater influential? Well, he has a Halloween costume. That’s not nothing.

Slater also recently accepted a plea to skip jail time in exchange for substance abuse and psych treatment (plus a $10,000 fine to his former employer). His partner’s brother took his day in court as an opportunity to burglarize his home. Which is exactly the sort of thing influential folks have to deal with.

Who’s more influential than Slater? WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange at #46, the Old Spice Guy at #30, the POTUS at #21, Graydon Carter at #10, James Franco at #7, and Kanye West at #5. The top three nods went to Marc Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jon Stewart, respectively.

Nowhere on the list was Antoine Dodson. Nor, for that matter, Charlie Sheen.

Well, guys, there’s always next year.

[via NYDN]

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