Die Antwoord Were Immortalized In The Guggenheim Last Weekend


What a pleasant surprise to stagger into the Guggenheim Saturday and, in the midst of the museum’s YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video exhibit — an elaborate display of 25 clips guest-curated by a panel featuring everyone from Laurie Anderson to most of Animal Collective to Ryan McGinley to Takashi Murakami — encounter the famously mesmerizing Dark Side of the Moon-referencing shot from Die Antwoord’s “Zef Side” video. Yes, everyone’s favorite South African meme-rappers were, albeit briefly, hailed as High Art.

The museum piece itself was only up this past weekend, apparently, but you can still watch all 25 victors here (look out for the rapping-Disney-characters one), and there it is:

You have to think M.I.A. is super pissed she didn’t get into this.

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