Greenpoint Club Coco66 Is Taking The Week Off From Doing Shows To “Become A Better Venue With More Space For People”


Yesterday, a manager at the beleaguered Greenpoint club Coco66 promised us that despite a police raid on Friday that momentarily closed the venue, they were reopening at regular capacity this week–“we didn’t have to close at all,” they told us. But this morning, we noticed that every show booked this week at the space seemed to be cancelled or, more accurately, and in the words the club itself, “moved to a different venue.” Huh? We reached out for clarification and later received this message from Josh, the club’s manager:

Apologies for the confusion yesterday. Briefly: after you and I spoke we had a meeting at Coco’s and we all decided that since some shows were already moving to other venues this week, just because they were worried, we would take this time now to take a couple days off and make some renovations to just kinda move forward and become a better venue with more space for people. So we are taking a couple days to do that. We were doing construction all night last night, and all day today, just in the back to have more space and do bigger and better shows.

So no shows there this week. About the rest, we’ll see. We can’t help but notice the coincidental timing, immediately after the venue was flagged for an occupancy violation, but we’ll refrain from speculating further until we hear more. In the meantime, catch tomorrow’s Excepter/Blissed Out show at its new location: Shea Stadium.

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Update: The club calls back today (Wednesday) to say they’ll be open again starting tonight at 6 p.m., though sans music. When will the bands be back? “Next week at the latest,” says the manager. “We’re working on that right now.” As for whether or not they were still in trouble with the buildings commission, the club said only: “We’re fully functioning, and up and running as of tonight.”