New Museum to Say Goodbye to “Hell, Yes!”


Animal New York reports that the big rainbow-colored, balloon-lettered “Hell, Yes!” sign that you’ve surely seen at one point or another attached to the New Museum since 2007 is going to be removed. Its replacement, according to Hyperallergic, will be a 30-foot “Rose” sculpture — which is seriously, like, a giant rose — by Isa Genzken. The site reports the rose will be installed in early November.

Meanwhile, the New Museum’s website seems to indicate an end to the reign of “Hell, Yes!” in early December. We’ve called to confirm and will update when we hear back.

Even though we were never exactly in love with “Hell, Yes!” (it’s a little too poppy/colorful/sans serif for our liking) this sort of makes us sad, maybe because it spoke (albeit in lettering) a certain message that we’ve tended to conduct our lives by since around 2007. Or maybe because it seems kinda retro-cool at this point, and anyway, we’ve grown used to it. Hey, change is hard.

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