Press Clips: Jared, Ivanka, and the New York Observer on Gossip Girl (Video)


The New York Observer hits the big time, getting a cameo on Gossip Girl. And who from their editorial staff was there? Gawker gets murked by some Taiwanese guys. Business Insider is making another hire. Speaking of which, Media Party Season has arrived, unless, of course, you work at the Observer! Press Clips, Day 16, Lunch Edition, here we go:

Gossip Girl, Observer‘d: Somehow, Gossip Girl is going into their fourth season. Last night, Blair, Chuck, Serena, Dan, and the thing that transformed into the Goth Muppet Who Goes by “Jenny” — easily the show’s best plot-line, for what it’s worth — attended a New York Observer party at the former Boom Boom Room on top of The Standard Hotel. Sans commentary, please enjoy:

The accuracy count? In the style of Daily Intel’s Gossip Girl reality-index recaps:

  • Magazines have, in fact, had parties at The Top of The Standard. Plus 1.
  • Vogue is the only New York media publication to have had a party at The Top of The Standard. Okay, Vogue and T Magazine. They can afford it. If the Observer actually had enough money to do this, they wouldn’t be leaking staffers at the same rate blow trickles out of “Little J’s” schnoz. Minus 5.
  • Unless they had their party during the day, like the Observer did on Gossip Girl. Plus 2.
  • But who gets fucked up during the day and works in media nowadays? The last people to do that were at Radar. Even VICE waits until the sun goes down. Minus 3.
  • There were no editorial staffers at the New York Observer party on Gossip Girl, or no Observer staffers, except for Jared and Ivanka. Sounds about right. Plus 7.
  • Nate Freeman should’ve found a way in, though. Minus 1
  • Jared Kushner uses the New York Observer as a pamphlet of sorts to propel both his and his wife’s business interests and celebrity. That would never happen in real life, right?

Exhibit A. Ivanka’s Jewlery = New York Observer!.

Exhibit B: From last week’s print edition of the New York Observer:

Never. Plus 100

Total: 101 Points realer than a Charles Kushner real estate deal. To be fair, the Village Voice has also recently seen a modicum of teevee fame, as a character on David Simon’s Treme works at the Village Voice, is beautiful, smart, funny, and thinks she should be paid more. Art: it reflects life.

Business Insidermodo: In Henry Blodget’s quest to one day be confused for Nick Denton, he’s now hiring a gadgets editor. Insert slideshow of candidates of former Gawker writers (see: Carlson, Nicholas and Bennett, Dashiell) who he can’t poach. Also, Business Insider is having a party tonight at the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the SAI 100. Somehow Dan Abrams made it and we didn’t. CHANGE THE RATIO, Henry.

Gawker Murked by Taiwanese TV: Now they’re overexposed. Has Hamilton gone with the shag?

The New Paywall Powertrip: A newspaper in upstate New York is being really mean about harshing on those who try to penetrate their paywall. Good luck with that.

Pimping Out Politico: I can think of at least six beats I would try to expense $2,500 for Politico to stick a reporter on. They are, in no particular order:

1. Who Leaked Journolist?
2. Where Are My Socks?
3. What Time Is Daft Punk Going On?
4. Who Is The Girl On The L-Train With The Red Hair and The Bulldog Who I’m In Love With And How Do I Get Here To Approach Me Instead Of Having To Do It The Other Way Around?
5. Where Can I Get The Footage Of The Infamous Dock Ellis No-Hitter-On-Acid Game?
6. The Proliferation Of Conflict Minerals In American Telecommunications Technology And Advanced Solutions To Truncate Usage.

Gossips Never Die: Michael Gross, writing for Crain’s, wants everyone to know that gossip in New York won’t die because Richard Johnson left town. He wrote me to tell us he “indirectly referenced” the cover story we did on gossip in New York in September. He should’ve read it. It didn’t say anything like that. Gossip’s always gonna be around, but it’s the handing-down of Johnson’s talent that goes missing from New York. Who realistically thinks gossip in New York dies because one guy skips town? Nobody. Thank you, Crain’s!

Stylish Moves: is going to Fairchild, and is going to report to Peter Kaplan. Great domain, interesting interaction, who knows what the hell they’re going to do with it. More interesting is John Koblin reporting on it and wondering what the hell his own company is going to do with it, and why Conde Nast let it go to begin with.

Happy Lunchtime. Thank you for your continued support of Press Clips.