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The U.S. Is More Corrupt Than 21 Other Countries, Which Is All Bernie Madoff’s Fault


The most and least corrupt nations have been “diagnosed” by Transparency International in their 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index, which measures the “perceived levels of public sector corruption” in 178 countries around the world. Corruption levels go from “very clean” to “highly corrupt” and are depicted on a multi-colored map with countries ranging from daffodil yellow (clean!) to blood-diamond red (indeed).

The U.S. comes off with a sort of orangey hue at #22, which means we could definitely be cleaner, like maybe Canada, the Netherlands, or even Chile. But we can easily blame this unfortunate reality on Bernie Madoff, the subprime crisis, political funding disputes, and all of those people who don’t tip properly. It’s not our faults!

Denmark, New Zealand, and Singapore were the most goody-goody nations of all, which makes them not much fun to go out with on a Saturday night. The worst were Somalia, Iraq, Myanmar, Burma, Somalia, and Afghan “it’s only cash!” istan.

Well, we’re better than China (#78), at least.

[via NPR]

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