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The ‘Voice’ is 55 Today


55 years ago today, the first issue of a newspaper put out by editor Daniel Wolf and publisher Edwin Fancher (and paid for by their buddy Norman Mailer) made its debut in the Village.

More than half a century later, Wolf and Fancher and Mailer’s little experiment not only is still alive, it may be the only newspaper in New York that doesn’t lose boatloads of money every year — and therefore has the best chances to survive the current Print Apocalypse!

As we soldier on into our 56th year, anniversaries and birthdays naturally conjure up nostalgia. And there’s plenty to be had for longtime Voice readers.

Many of the issues in the Voice‘s early years are archived now by Google. Here’s the very first issue, for example. As we’ve pointed out before, however, Google has uploaded some years but not others, and we’ve never received a very good explanation for it.

Another way to leaf through the years at the Voice is to check out our Clip Job project. Each weekday morning, we’ve been posting an excerpt from another sequential issue. We started at the 1-year anniversary in 1956, and as of this morning (as you can see below), we’re up to October, 1970. We’ve tried to pick out the most interesting, most historical pieces from those back issues — the first mention of “Bobby Dylan,” the first appearance of a comedian named Walter Allen, a/k/a “Woody,” etc.

Go to our Clip Job Archive Page to see every single one of these entries — there are nearly 700 of them now, and they document quite a substantial slice of Voice history.


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