Tuesday Afternoon Explosions: Things Blowing Up in East Village and Park Slope


Another Tuesday afternoon, another set of arbitrary, terrifying, and dangerous explosions in New York City to reaffirm that you basically live in a Michael Bay movie waiting to happen here in the five boroughs. Today? The East Village and Park Slope get hit.

EV Grieve reports on what he heard first from a reader:

Didja hear about the explosion at the northwest corner of 1st avenue and 9th street. Supposedly an electrical fire underground. Con Ed hasn’t shown up and the fire crews are watching the smoke billowing out. It sounded like someone dropped a fridge off a second floor, around 12:15.

And then the above photographic evidence — and more — followed. It’d appear as if it was indeed some kind of power explosion, because some East Village residents are currently experiencing an outage, apparently.

Meanwhile, in Park Slope, on 5th Avenue and Carroll Street, a manhole explodes.

Via Brownstoner:

One commenter:

Just passed by about 10 minutes ago on the bus. The street is still blocked off and the B63 is being diverted down to 4th Ave until 1st Street. Several fire trucks still on the scene, but I didn’t see any smoke remaining.


Until a while ago, when the cops arrived and put up the caution tape, babies in strollers, kids, cyclists and walkers all strolled by the scene, 10′ away, many getting off their cells only to snap a picture, talking the while. Now we have to be 40′ away. My room-mate has left, worried about potential gas explosions; she muttered darkly “Well, it was good being with you in case you’re not here when I get back.” I’m OK with it. Apparently it’s in the electrical feeds under the street. I think Con-Ed was working there recently. But, as I’m sending you this, obviously electricity is still on. About 40 firemen around. One with a hose, pouring water which, hopefully, is draining into the manhole (which is probably too hot to touch or remove.) It seems to be out now.

Thankfully, no played out jokes about “manhole explosions” vis-a-vis the proliferation of certain sexual preferences in various neighborhoods were injured in the course of this fire. And yet, just another day in the city. Things exploding, things that are exploding that could kill you. Meh. You know what you really don’t want to explode in Park Slope? A stroller-raging Bugaboo-pushing hormone-therapy ingesting mother’s temper. That’s what.

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