Baseball Disappointment Tempered by Football Riches: New York’s Teams Are the Best


Since it now appears the Yankees’ chances to get Cliff Lee aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit, the number one sports topic now turns to “Who’s the best football team in New Jersey?”

We like Gary Myers’s assessment in today’s Daily News: “Right now, the Jets are 5-1 on a five-game winning streak, and tied with the Patriots and Steelers for the best record in the NFL. The Giants are 5-2 on a four-game winning streak and are tied with the Falcons for the best record in the NFC …”

“But the Jets are the better team. In fact, they are the best team in the league.”

Myers cautions that the Giants, because they play an easier schedule in an easier conference, might have a better road to the Super Bowl than the Jets, who not only play in a tougher conference but will have, presumably, far tougher opponents in the playoffs.

He makes yet another sensible point: “Numbers can be deceiving. Although the Giant are No. 2 in the league in defense compared with No. 3 in offense, compared to the Jets No. 2 in defense and No. 17 in offense, those rankings are based solely on yards. They keep score by points.”

The numbers back Myers up. The Giants and Jets have, so far, played just about equally tough opponents. The Giants’ opposition has a collective won-lost record (not counting the games with the Giants) of 19-18, while the Jets’ opponents are 16-16. The Giants in seven games have scored 22 more points than they’ve allowed; the Jets, in six, are + 58.

Myers is wrong, though, when he writes, “Mark Sanchez is not a better player than Eli Manning. He’s just having a better year so far.” We’ll get to that argument right after midseason.

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