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Bedbugs (Back) at the U.N., Where “Diplomatic Immunity” Jokes Are No Longer Funny


Continuing in their reign of New York City terror, bedbugs have infested the UN. In fact, it seems that bedbugs have been hanging around the U.N. since at least 2009, causing all sorts of unwanted issues with international diplomacy and feeling itchy.

In May 2010, Angela Kane, under-secretary-general, wrote a memo addressing a host of unresolved problems at the Albano building at 46th Street, including temperature modulation issues and rodents and insects in the building — and the teensy little stat that 90 percent of the building had been infested with bedbugs. (Click for the memo, via the Inner City Press.)

Fumigation, apparently, eventually cleared up the problem. But this month, bedbug-sniffing dogs found evidence of bugs again, this time in furniture in the basement of the Dag Hammarskjold Library. That furniture has now been removed for fumigation.

Bedbugs may now be officially worse than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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