Dealing With Canada Geese: Make Lunch, Not Landfills


This summer, New York State announced a plan to help control its Canada goose population by eliminating some 170,000 birds through gassing, hunting, and birth control. In Prospect Park, some 400 geese were rounded up and euthanized, their bodies then tossed in a landfill. According to hunter, writer, and locavore activist Jackson Landers, this is a huge waste of good meat.

Landers, in association with Slow Food NYC, is hosting a workshop this Saturday, October 30, at the Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center in Park Slope that will address how to safely hunt, butcher, and cook Canada goose. According to Diner’s Journal, Landers is also working on a book and reality show, both called Eating Aliens, that chronicle his adventures hunting and eating species that invade and infest non-native lands.

The clip from Landers’s blog shows him hunting green iguanas in the Florida Keys that will become part of a pasta dish. The iguanas like to eat the local nickernut plant, which also happens to be the primary source of food for the endangered Miami blue butterfly. Landers writes:

If we are going to save this critically endangered species then the green iguanas have to go. One place that they can go is into my belly.


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