Dimmu Borgir


The monetized gobbledygook on Dimmu Borgir’s MySpace page sort of lessens the symphonic black metallers’ wraith-like grip. Sure, there’s a Halloween special on Abrahadabra at Best Buy, but that return policy doesn’t extend to the bizarro cosmic plain. And you can buy a Dimmu poster pack and bonus track edition at Hot Topic. But are there even walls in the afterlife? And what if that shit skips? It’s better to forget about the whole making-a-living thing and focus in on these veteran Norwegians’ thoroughly jamworthy music, which hasn’t lost a step despite another round of internal band combustion. This stuff tunnels to the surface from the Lovecraftian underworld: rousing strings march like death hammers over splattering blast beats. Runes are read, and their messages are invoked in a chorus of crazed voices. Behold, mortals: Dimmu Borgir’s threshing oars are ESP guitars. With Enslaved and Blood Red Throne.

Mon., Nov. 8, 7 p.m., 2010