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Morning Links: Record Storm Heads Our Way; Barack Obama on The Daily Show; Hells Angels Sue Saks, Alexander McQueen


• Today will be gray, stormy, and rainy, thanks to a cold front hailing from the Midwest that’s expected to “trigger thunderstorms containing strong winds, possible hail, and tornadoes.” The Wall Street Journal calls it “the strongest non-tropical storm system in recorded U.S. history, according to” Bring your umbrellas. [Washington Post]

• Indonesia has been struck by an earthquake (generating a tsunami) and an exploding volcano, within 24 hours of each other. Hundreds have been killed and thousands displaced. [NYT]

• Steven Slater told Matt Lauer that if he could go back, he probably wouldn’t do what he did — grab beers, exit down emergency evac slide — again. Of course, then he wouldn’t be “influential,” either. [NBC NY]

• Charlie Sheen, who, drunk and naked, trashed a suite at the Plaza yesterday after “losing” his wallet and cellphone (meanwhile, a nude hooker hid in the bathroom), is now on his way to Promises rehab in California. The suite apparently sustained some $7,000 in damages, which Sheen has volunteered to pay. [NYP]

• President Obama will be the first sitting president to appear on the Daily Show. He’s on tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern. He’s been on previously, prior to his election. [The Daily Show]

• Google may buy a building at 111 Eighth Avenue for $2 billion. [Reuters]

• There was a shooting on Stanton Street, near the intersection with Attorney, last night around 9 p.m. The three victims — one woman and two men — are expected to survive. Sources are saying the motive may have involved a bad drug deal. [The Lo-Down]

• The Hells Angels are suing the Alexander McQueen Label, Zappos, and Saks for selling selling items with its skull-and-wings “Death Head” design, including a “Hells Angels Jacquard Box Dress.” [NYP]

• A Russian spam site has shut down, making all of us far less spammy (and more happy). [NPR]

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