New York Landmarks Continue Social Media Revolution: The New York Public Library, Empire State Building


It seems like everyone is “joining” Twitter or “getting” a Tumblr these days. Especially in the case of certain New York City landmarks, who are taking to social networking like digitized screen-saver fish to a watery stream of information.

Via Mashable, the Empire State Building is now on Twitter. You can now glean insights like:


And actually interesting, possibly dangerous things like:


Fun, but not as much fun as the @ESB_lights Twitter, which has been around for a while, and isn’t actually affiliated with the building itself! It tells you what the colored lights of the Empire State Building mean every night. Which is awesome.

Meanwhile, on Tumblr, the New York Public Library has drank the micro-blogging Kool-Aid.

Unfortunately, they are not ratting out prominent New Yorkers who are reading the Twilight canon. That said, they are offering up wonderful tidbits about how they’re getting a bunch of Maya Angelou books and what Indiana Jones has to do with their latest exhibition. It’s actually fun, plesant stuff, especially for fans of the establishment and/or book nerds at-large.

Meanwhile, @THE_REAL_MAYOR_BLOOMBERG still thinks Twitter is bullshit and the MTA will never have a social media presence, ever, because it hates people. Life goes on.

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