Rudy “Portraits Are for Dead People” Giuliani Pretty Happy With Likeness of Self


Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor, “quality of life” enforcer, ferret-hater, finally agreed to have his portrait painted despite picture-makers being able to steal your soul when they paint your eyes. And now it’s done, and he’s pretty darn happy with the results.

We’ve never seen him looking so hydrated and dimpled and fresh-faced, either!

The portrait apparently took so long to be painted because:

“I’m superstitious about portraits. They’re for dead people,” joked Giuliani. “I have this whole superstition. So she [his wife, Judith] talked me into it. And you unveiled the portrait, I’m still here — I guess the superstition doesn’t work.”

Not only did the superstition not work, Giuliani said he “wouldn’t rule out the possibility of running for office again in the future.”

The portrait will hang in the Blue Room at City Hall.

[via WSJ]

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