Thai Restaurants Are Everywhere; Welcome to the Era of the $20 Cocktail


Two Florida establishments that use “Brooklyn-style” water are suing each other over the patent on the technology that makes it. The water is the key ingredient in authentic New York bagels and pizza dough.
[NY Post]

Orchards and apple historians are trying to reintroduce “heritage” or “heirloom” varieties of apples, and promoting them to restaurants, distributors, and grocers.
[Wall Street Journal]

Thai restaurants are all the rage. Harold Dieterle has opened Kin Shop, David Bank debuted Pure Thai Shophouse, and Las Vegas’ Lotus of Siam is coming to New York.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

A number of bars are charging $20 for cocktails, including Lambs Club, Crosby Bar, the Eldridge, and Boom Boom Room. Great drinking or just greed?
[NY Post]

Juan-Carlos Cruz, the former Food Network chef accused of plotting to murder his wife, pleaded no contest to charges of soliciting two homeless men to carry out the deed.
[E! Online]

The Candy Professor is a blog that explores the at times irrational American relationship with candy, a food that carries more moral and ethical baggage than others.
[NY Times]

Verjuice, the bottled juice of unripe grapes usually picked during wine grape growers’ thinning process, is more gentle and subtly tart than lemon in cooking.
[NY Times]


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