Titus Andronicus and the So So Glos Are Playing A Free Show at Bar Matchless Tomorrow Night


Well, this will be great, if you can make it inside: the mighty Titus Andronicus are playing the extremely modest-sized Bar Matchless tomorrow night with the So So Glos, for free. It’s a private show, but you can get in with an RSVP to their Facebook page. As more than one person on that thread points out, the Bar Matchless capacity is somewhere in the vicinity of 100 people, and more than 400 have already responded. Our advice? Show up early, unless you want to see a replica of what happened at Coco66 last Friday night. In the meantime, a member of the Titus camp just sent us the trailer for the “upcoming final episode of the Titus TV series” (something we weren’t entirely sure even existed until just now), which has a seasonally appropriate Halloween theme. Not to mention a menacing cameo from none other than the band’s fellow Jerseyite Ted Leo.

Full episode comes in November, we’re told. In the meantime, do not give Ted Leo evil green cocktails anywhere near Halloween, apparently, unless you want something awful to happen.

Grow A Pair Party with Hornitos [Facebook]