It’s really hard to pick the best part of its GIF-happy video–Brosnan as flautist? Jump-roping Chuck Norris? Kitty explosion?–so, instead, let’s celebrate the richer, fuller sound that Yelle brought on “La Musique,” the title single from her follow-up to 2008’s eminently enjoyable Pop-Up. Where that record was one accompanying VHS tape away from being a workout program, now it sounds like Yelle (a/k/a Frenchwoman Julie Budet) has recognized Europe’s recently fun-ergized, thickly electronic pop product that’s way remix-able. Which isn’t to say hot pink hi-tops and a mainline drip of Four Loko and Pop Rocks won’t be assets at this show. Aller vers, motherbitches.

Thu., Nov. 4, 9 p.m., 2010