Dionne Warwick Speaks Out in Defense of Her Cousin Whitney Houston


In her new memoir, My Life, As I See It, singer Dionne Warwick says this about poor Whitney’s plight:

“She was tested when she married Bobby Brown, as we all know.

“The marriage seemed to be working out at first and probably would have continued to if other people’s opinions had not affected them.”

So Whitney and Bobby were a good match — it’s just other people’s opinions that messed up their relationship???



Nippy got involved with things that were never a part of the lifestyle she was brought up in.

“But she ultimately came to the realization that she was doing harm to herself.

“She also knows the words and worth of prayer and has used it to bring her through all of the trials and tribulations put before her.

“That’s why she continues to pass the tests of life with an A+.”

Does this strike you as inspirational, goodie-goodie, denialist bullshit, by any chance?

(Not me, mind you.)