Disco Warrior Justin V Makes Us A Halloween Playlist


Once the dubmaster for Out Hud and bass provider for !!!, Justin Vandervolgen has been negotiating rock and dance music for well over a decade, forgoing the former for the latter a few years back. This year has been a busy one for Vandervolgen: rocking underground dance parties, dropping an otherworldly mix CD as Try to Find Me, napalming dancefloors with remixes made as TBD (in conjunction with fellow disco miscreant Lee Douglas), and for his favorite holiday of the year, releasing a new dance single for rocking Halloween dance parties: “Nice Costume”/ “Have Some Candies.” So we asked Vandervolgen to discuss in greater depth, just what makes him drop the compliment “nice costume” and what he would bring to scare a dancefloor this weekend:

Favorite costume:

Very tough one as there are so many, but I’ll just go with my friend’s from last year, since it’s the first one off the top of my head. He was a “party table”: he took a box, put a table cloth over it, cut holes for the arms and head and then glued stuff to it like a bong, ashtray, beer can, pack of cigarettes. It was just kind of what a table looks like the morning after a party, but I thought it looked cool and was super-creative without being expensive.

Favorite tracks to drop at a Halloween dance party:

1. “Tres Demented- Demented (Or Just Crazy)” by Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier. Two superstars teamed up and produced this crazy tribal techno track, which is already killer. But once this guy starts screaming…

2. “Zombie” by Fela Kuti. Tony Awards are cool and all, but I dig this Afrobeat track about zombies. Well, it’s not exactly about the brain-munching George Romero variety, but it’s still a good dance record, long and propulsive throughout.

3. “Walk in the Night” by Skatt Bros. It may really be about cruising the parks after dark any other day of the year, but for the holiday, I’m sure that this disco-rock classic is about a creeper or reaper or something. Great for dancing….

4. “Snip Snap” by Goblin. You could kinda use anything by these Italo-gallo soundtrack masters. I think that the Suspiria theme and Profondo Rosso are outright classics, but I’m going for this track, which dips more into a kinda synth-funk style.

5. “D Side” by Ghost Note. Sorry no video for this one, it’s not even out yet! But Ghost Note concoct very cinematic disco/italo/rock in the Goblin vein. Their first single used some dialogue from Jodorwosky’s The Holy Mountain to make a monstrous house track. Here’s a killer remix of it though.

So what Halloween monster is the next “vampire” (in that Twilight sorta way)?

I’m gonna go with MILFs (Mummies I’d Like to Fuck).

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