Download Fuck NoOoOO: The Anti-Witch House Mixtape, Curated By You-Know-Who


Official friend-of-SOTC/last critic standing/great Halloween costume idea Christopher R. Weingarten, outraged at the critical proliferation of witch house (not to mention its even less desirable offshoots), has taken it upon himself to compile the characteristically amusingly (and profanely) titled Fuck NoOoOO: The Anti-Witch House Mixtape, its cover slyly alluding to Chris’ sideline writing books about dogs in funny costumes.

You really oughta listen to this thing; featured artists include DJ Paul, Big K.R.I.T., Rotting Christ, and Sick Llama, plus you only have to wait like 90 seconds before hearing Waka Flocka Flame’s “Fuck the Club Up.” “Here are some of my fave recent songs that have many of the qualities people love about Salem — dark, foreboding, gauzy, enveloping, rhythmically unique, crypto-gothtastic, murky,” Chris writes. “But these tracks have the added value of outdated ideas like ‘passion’ and ‘working knowledge of your equipment’ and ‘not having a corny-ass white person that says skreets.’ Keep your ears peeled, indie rockers… you might even hear an actual rap song or two.” The iTunes genre category is “Not Witch House,” just to make sure we’re absolutely clear.

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