Food.Curated Trains Its Lens on the Lobster Place


The latest episode of Food.Curated is here: This time around, Liza de Guia has trained her camera on the Lobster Place, the wholesale and retail seafood market that sells, among other things, some of the best chowder we’ve ever had.

In the video, Ian McGregor, the company’s president and chief fishmonger, gives viewers an understanding of the enormity of the operation: The retail store at Chelsea Market sells 650 “unique seafood items” during the year, and at any given time carries 35 to 40 varieties of fin fish and 12 kinds of oysters. And that’s in addition to the 400 restaurants they supply. The store, which also has a Bleecker Street location, originally had its processing facilities at Chelsea Market but moved it to Hunts Point after “the neighborhood changed.” And the secret to why the fish is always so fresh? The Lobster Place’s wholesale division acts as its retail supplier. As general manager Todd Harding explains, “What separates a really good fish business from mediocre ones is how well they source product.”


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