New York

NYPD Would Like to Remind You That You’re Still in Danger


The NYPD issued a threat assessment yesterday, reminding New York authorities that the city is still a “highly attractive” target for “radical jihadists” within the United States after FBI agents arrested a Virginia man accused of plotting to bomb D.C. Metro subway stations. Constant vigilance!

FOX News, which obtained the memo, says the department calls “homegrown terrorists” a “significant threat” because “their U.S. citizenship enables them to enter and operate within the United States with greater ease.”

The memo warns that “while large-scale terrorist attacks like September 11th remain a top priority for Al Qaeda’s central leadership, the threat posed by homegrown extremists, acting on their own within the U.S. is a serious concern.”

According to FOX, the threat assessment also mentions public transportation (specifically buses, subways, and railroads) as “highly attractive targets for international terrorist organizations” and reminds security personnel that terrorists “actively perform extensive pre-operational surveillance, including taking photographs, observing security measures, and drawing diagrams in order to ensure structural damage and maximize casualties.”

In other words, take a page from Liz Lemon’s book and be an American. Call it in.

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