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Things That Will Soon Exist: Tube-Free Toilet Paper


Are you tired of trying to come up with a use for the cardboard tube that remains when you finish a roll of toilet paper? Irritated by the lack of economy in the toilet-paper scraps that are always left behind, clinging to the tube? Sick to death of the chafing that occurs when you, in a pinch, are forced to use it? (Not that that’s ever happened.)

Well, necessity is the mother of invention. Or something. On Monday, Kimberly Clark, which makes Scott toilet paper, among other things, will introduce a tube-free version (called “Scott Naturals”) at Walmart and Sam’s in the Northeast. Whooo! If we like it, they might go national and global, and even come up with some cardboard-tube-free paper towels.

Somewhere, there is a 160-million-pound pile of trash containing the 17 billion toilet-paper tubes produced annually in the U.S. that haven’t been refurbished as hamster toys or eyeglass holders. And the only person we can blame for that is the guy who stuck the damn cardboard tube in the toilet paper in the first place.

Treehugger, meanwhile, feels that going tubeless is sort of like giving up meat but wearing leather shoes, and suggests that using toilet paper at all, in fact, is the wasteful thing. But holy hell, bidets scare the — sorry — crap out of us.

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