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Fainting Goat Syndrome Kittens Are the Saddest and Most Adorable Thing You Will See All Week


Sad Things for Lonely People! Have you seen the video currently tearing out hearts across the Internet of the two kittens who have myotonia congenita, a/k/a, “fainting goat syndrome”? If you haven’t, you must, because this is the very essence of Adorable Animals in Trouble.

When Charlie and Spike hear the slightest sound, they collapse and fall into a rigid paralysis, then return to normal, only to, inevitably, hear sounds and fall again. SO SO SAD. But also, SO SO CUTE. If this doesn’t tug your callous heartstrings, you are a cruel and souless human being who should be vanquished from this earth. And punched in the face.

Spike apparently died on the 27th from respiratory failure. We are making that sad face, yes we are.

In other news, here’s an adorable kitten just falling asleep, adorably.

Whew. We needed that.


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