Manhattan Is Home to Chickens, Bees, and One Solitary Cow


While bees and chickens are no longer a rarity in Manhattan, even the most fervent would-be urban farmers would be hard-pressed to eke out space (and the necessary permits) for a cow. But, somewhat improbably, there is an actual bovine living on the island of Manhattan, as The Wall Street Journal reports today.

According to the rather delightful story, the cow’s name is Othello, “and he lives happily outside the food chain at the Central Park Zoo.” Othello isn’t likely to get any company: Although cows were a part of city life until the late 1800s (and in the Meatpacking District, until the 1980s), city ordinances and obvious space issues are in place to keep any DIY dairy fanatics from getting any ideas. As Othello’s guardian, New York City zoos director Jeff Sailer, says, “You can’t get hay at the Food Emporium.” So true. But we can still dream.


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